Collaborate early in North Holland North (VIN)

ABA Center International is affiliated with VIN (Early Collaboration in North Holland North).

VIN is a digital system in which a professional can indicate that he is (indirectly) involved with a young person up to 23 years of age. If another professional also shows his involvement with this young person or a brother or sister by sending a signal in VIN, a ‘match’ is created. After a match, the professionals receive a message with each other’s contact details. This allows them to discuss with each other and the family how they can best support a child and / or the family and work together.

Families have to deal with (care) professionals in their lives. For example: nurse, counselor, doctor, family coach, youth worker, psychiatric nurse, debt counselor and / or social worker. The different professionals do not always know each other. The referral index ensures that these professionals can come into contact with each other if necessary. They can then consult with each other and the family and do not work alongside each other. In Noord-Holland Noord, the reference index is called Early collaboration In Noord-Holland Noord (Vroeg samenwerken In Noord-Holland Noord, VIN).

VIN is only accessible to professionals who are authorized to do so. In the Noord-Holland Noord region, various organizations are connected to VIN, such as: the GGD, schools, childcare, doctors and general practitioners, social workers, community teams, youth care institutions, etc.