Client Council

Employee Participation Council

The law states that organizations such as the ABA Center International must have a client council. It is an official body with legal powers. It can be compared to a works council. The client council deals with matters that are important to clients, and therefore also has consultations with the management and it can put matters on the agenda itself.

The client council is also concerned with:

  • Putting topics on the agenda that clients themselves consider important,
  • Talk about current and possibly new policy,
  • Giving advice to the management on its own initiative or if the management requests it,
  • Ensure that complaints / concerns about the assistance are taken seriously and that they are aware of what is going on among clients,

A client council is not concerned with:

  • Representing the interests of a client. For this, one can approach the care provider involved or the ABA EC counselor,
  • Complaints handling of clients, for this is the Complaints Committee.

Become a member and participate

We invite our clients to participate. You can do this from 12 years as a client, or your parents or caregivers. Every year a report is made of the activities. The client council meets at least once a year and consists of a maximum of 9 people of which there is a chairman and a secretary.