ABA Center International (ACI) has a contract with the WLZ to provide care.

The ‘Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg’ (CIZ) will confirm if your child is eligible to receive the referral for ’24 hours’ care.’ Below you read how this works:

  • You request care at the CIZ. They will tell you what documents you have to provide and if they can give you an ‘indicatiebesluit.’ In this document is described what care you need. This is titled: ‘zorgprofiel.’
  • If your request is approved, you will receive a ‘beschikking’ which describes what care packet is assigned to you and your child
  • There are standardized rates related to the ‘zorgprofiel’ so you can buy care for your child
  • A ‘beschikking’ of the CIZ is authorized for unlimited time. Some of the ‘zorgprofielen’ are valid for a short amount of time. The ‘incidicatiebesluit’ will describe for how long the care will be
  • With a ZZP you can purchase care through a ‘Persoonsgebonden Budget’ (PGB) or through ‘Zorg in Natura’ (ZIN). All forms are located on the website of the ‘zorgkantoor.’

Important things to know about the ‘Persoonsgebonden Budget’ (PGB) is the following:

  • When you choose a ‘Persoonsgebonden Budget’ (PGB) you can sign a contract with ABA Center International
  • You are responsible for managing the budget that is agreed upon with the municipality based on the care indication. You are required to arrange payment by sending the bills to the Social Services Bank (SVB).

Important to know about ‘Zorg in Natura’ (ZIN) is the following:

  • When you choose for contracted care via ZIN, then you will need to make a choice between care organizations that are contracted within your municipality (like ACI)
  • The care organization declares directly to the municipality
  • The municipality is responsible for managing your budget.