PGB or ZIN – Municipality

ABA Center International (ACI) has contracts with the municipalities of Alkmaar, Amsterdam (including Diemen, Uithoorn, Ouder Amstel) and Amstelveen (including Aalsmeer, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel) through the ‘Jeugdwet.’

You can request services for your child through the PGB (‘Persoonsgebonden Budget’) or ZIN (contracted care) via the municipality:

  • Contact the department of children’s welfare through the municipality (‘Gemeente’) in order to request care:
    • Discuss the care that is necessary and suitable with the municipality
    • If your request is granted you will receive a care indication from the municipality. In Dutch, this is called a ‘beschikking’  
    • The care indication is given for a certain period of time.
    • With this care indication, you can purchase care through an organization like ACI
    • You can choose between a personal budget (PGB) or Contracted care (ZIN). 

Some facts about the Persoonsgebonden Budget (PGB):

  • When you choose a ‘Persoonsgebonden Budget’ (PGB) you can sign a contract with ABA Center International
  • You are responsible for managing the budget that is agreed upon with the municipality based on the care indication. You are required to arrange payment by sending the bills to the Social Services Bank (SVB).

Here are some facts about ZIN, Contracted Care:

  • When you choose for contracted care via ZIN, then you will need to make a choice between care organizations that are contracted within your municipality (like ACI)
  • The care organization declares directly to the municipality
  • The municipality is responsible for managing your budget.

If you have questions, please contact us. We are here for you.