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Download here the report of the healthcare department (2009): Autism, a lifelong being different.’
Rapport Gezondheidsraad (2009) (857,4 KB)

Research into individual differences during the life course of people with autism.

Thesis – Applied Behavior Analysis: the future for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Juveniles with Autism – what works?

Autism and ABA: The gulf between North America and Europe Below are some important quotes derived from the article:

  • On average, children in the Netherlands are diagnosed with ASD from the age of 5 years (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme 2008; Peters-Scheffer et al. 2014). As a consequence, these children receive treatment much later than is recommended (Warren et al. 2011)
  • Howlins own research (Howlin et al. 2009) showed that on average children who received ABA-based interventions did much better than those who received eclectic treatment as usual.
  • In the USA, and based on 30 years of research at the time, the Surgeon General (1999) recommended ABA as the basis of intervention for children with ASD. Since then, ABA-based interventions have been considered as medically and educationally necessary and are considered treatment as usual, funded through government or health care systems in the vast majority of states, federal bodies, such as the Office for Personnel Management and Medicare, and many multinational companies, such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Microsoft, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Intel, etc. (Autism Speaks 2014).