ABA Session – Example

What does an ABA session look like with a learner, both at home and at school? Below is an overview: 


  • After completion of the assessment (FBA), a schedule is created based on the times/days that the learner and the Behavior Technician are available 
  • The family/school/organisation will be informed of the schedule and the first ABA session will be scheduled. 

First session: 

  • The Behavior Analyst discusses the goals and method together with the parents/caregivers/teacher and questions can be asked 
  • The Behavior Analyst explains – if applicable – how the parent training or teacher training will be conducted 
  • The Behavior Technician and the Behavior Analyst will implement the goals, and the caregivers/parents/teacher observe and can ask questions. 

The following sessions:

  • The Behavior Technician arrives daily/weekly at the agreed time at the family home, at the school, at the workplace or at ACI’s clinic.  
  • The Behavior Technician prepares the session by preparing the materials, and for rewards.  
  • The datasheet is filled out and in addition, the schedule of the activities that take place in the session is created.  
  • The parents/caregivers/teacher are asked to tell about the day or the week and discuss the progress.  
  • The ABA treatment starts and the ABA plan is implemented. The Behavior Technician will work on goals that include increasing self-reliance, play skills, social skills, communication skills and reducing problem behaviors 
  • The Behavior Analyst analyses the progress and comes to the ABA session on average once a month. The frequency depends on the amount of supervision hours allowed. The Behavior Analyst discusses with the Behavior Technician possible other treatment methods and goals
  • At the end of the ABA session, the Behavior Technician gives homework to the parents so that they can practice the ABA strategies outside of the sessions.