Home guidance

ABA Center International offers customized care. Your wishes and questions are translated into a concrete plan of approach. Below you will find an overview of the options at your home.

Home program

The goal of a home program is to teach your child as many skills as possible, aimed at integration into education. After the ABA consultant has become acquainted with you and your child and has mapped the skills of your child, a treatment plan is created. This includes specific goals that will be worked on, focused on language, play, behavior, self-reliance and / or school skills. ABA supervisors will then start working with your child for a certain number of hours per week. Research shows that the intensity of a program is important for its effectiveness. The ABA consultant visits on average once or twice a month to play with your child, evaluate the goals, coach the supervisors and answer questions.

Social Skills Training

Making eye contact is an important part of participation in society. Through play your child will learn to share and interact with others. Your child will learn to speak to others and form his or her own opinion. Also learning to assert one’s needs in relationship to the other and working together on a common goal is an important part of the process. 

Potty training

For many children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and / or other developmental delays, toilet training is a major task. ABA Center International can help with this. Intensive toilet training is also possible. The ABA consultant will teach the parent to systematically follow a toilet training protocol.