Parent Training

Parent training is a big part of ABA Center International (ACI) which sets us apart from other ABA organizations in the Netherlands. At ABA Center International (ACI), we provide ABA parent training during each ABA session. 

Based on parents/caregivers needs and the ABA Assessment, the learner’s problem behaviors will be identified. Based on this, the ABA strategies will be taught to parents/caregivers in the home situation. We also provide ABA training to teachers.

Our clinical team will first explain what the ABA strategies are and then show the caregivers/parents how to implement it with the learner.

When the parents/caregivers observe the session, they can ask questions. The Behavior Analyst will answer the questions and will request the parents/caregivers to practice the ABA strategies themselves. During the ABA sessions, the parents/caregivers receive feedback from the Behavior Analyst. Positive and constructive feedback will also be given afterwards. In addition, homework is given so that the ABA strategies can be practiced.  

Parents/caregivers will be asked to keep track of how often the problem behaviors occur outside of the ABA sessions, so that it can be accurately analyzed or actually diminished through the ABA sessions. Through this special collaboration with parents/caregivers, the learner can make much greater progress.  

Parents/caregivers have the most contact with their child and will have this for a large part of their lives. The more parents/caregivers are trained, the easier it can be in the home situation and also outside the home (at school, work, at the store, during birthdays, outings etc.). 

Unique within ABA Center International (ACI) is our Parent training Manual. This is specially formulated for parent training, and trains the parents systematically in the ABA treatment strategies. Our goal is to train parents so they can function independently with their child.

We want to empower parents.