Shadow Guidance

ABA Center International offers customized care. Your wishes and questions are translated into a concrete plan of approach. Below you will find an overview of the options for at school.

Shadow guidance

The purpose of shadow counseling is to enable your child to participate as well as possible in education. A shadow program can be the continuation of a home program, but can also be started separately. A shadow is an ABA Behavior Technician who goes to school with your child and offers your child the help it needs to be able to benefit from the educational situation. Just like with a home program, an individualized treatment plan is drawn up with concrete goals for your child. The ABA consultant is responsible for the plan and comes to school to observe, answer questions, adjust goals and continue to coach the ABA supervisors and teachers. The ultimate goal of the shadow program is that your child will be able to go to school and participate independently.

Demand driven guidance

Instead of starting an intensive shadow program, it is also possible to call in the ABA Center International for specific problems. Both parents and teachers can rely on us. The ABA consultant provides advice based on observations, videos and / or conversations to, for example, reduce behavioral problems or teach certain skills.