Social Skills Training

At ABA Center International (ACI) we want to ensure that your (adult) child participates as much as possible independently in society. This means that we also teach social skills that allow your (adult) child to learn what behavior should be applied to which situation and to experience joy during social skills.

The following skills we teach to children and adults, during our Social Skills Trainings:

  • Taking turns talking 
  • Listening to one another 
  • Answering and asking questions
  • Making eye contact 
  • Turn taking
  • Making jokes and/or understanding jokes
  • Working together 
  • Participating in board games 
  • Joining group play
  • Negotiating
  • Standing up for oneself within a group 
  • Taking the lead
  • Following behavior rules.

At ACI, we provide Social Skills Training during a 12-weeks series, in where you will come to our Amsterdam location 1 time per week. In addition, the social skills can also be taught during the daily ABA sessions at our clinic. The social skills can be taught to children and adults.