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ABA Center International (ACI) specializes in treating individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental delays, ADHD, and other behavioral challenges. We work with Applied Behavior Analysis method (ABA).

We have our clinic in Amsterdam and we work in North and South Holland, Friesland and Groningen.           The ABA treatment is adapted to individual wishes and can take place at home, at school, or at our clinic.

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  • ABA Assessment

    Before ABA Center International (ACI) starts ABA treatment, a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) or intake will be completed. In the FBA, problem behaviors will be analyzed and described, as well as skill deficits and treatment goals. A Behavior Analyst does the FBA. Often this takes between 6-15 hours. Various tests and interviews will be completed, such as: ABLLS, AFLS, VB-MAPP, Vineland, FAST, MAT, and Essentials For Living (EFL). These tests and i…
  • ABA Ambulatory Treatment – Youth

    ABA Center International offers customized care. Your wishes and questions are translated into a concrete plan of approach. Below you will find an overview of the options at your home. ABA Center International (ACI) provides Outpatient ABA treatment and ABA youth support in the home situation, to children with developmental disabilities, behavioral problems, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD. We start from the age of 0.  A lot of research has shown how important it is that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) get intensiv…
  • Parent Training

    Parent training is a big part of ABA Center International (ACI) which sets us apart from other ABA organizations in the Netherlands. At ABA Center International (ACI), we provide ABA parent training during each ABA session.  Based on parents/caregivers needs and the ABA Assessment, the learner’s problem behaviors will be identified. Based on this, the ABA strategies will be taught to parents/caregivers in the home situation. We also provide ABA training to teachers. Our clinical team will first explain what the ABA strategies are and then show the caregivers/parent…
  • ABA Treatment at School

    ABA Center International (ACI) offers customized care. Your wishes and questions are translated into a concrete plan of approach. Below you will find an overview of the options for at school. Shadow guidance The purpose of shadow counseling (‘schaduwbegeleiding’) is to enable your child to participate in education. A shadowing program can be the continuation of a home program, but can also be started separately. A shadow is a ABA Behavior Technician who is in the classroom with your child and offers your child the help she/he needs to be able to benefit from the educational situ…
  • ABA treatment at our Clinic

    In our clinic at the van Speijkstraat in Amsterdam, children from the age of 1-12 are treated 1-on-1 within a group setting. The languages used are both English and Dutch, according to the language preference of the family. ACI works closely with (international) schools to prepare learners for a possible school career. The ACI learners are exposed to the following (preschool) skills: Social skills Following group instructionsFollowing a daily scheduleTaking turnsWorking togetherJoint attentionSelf-help skillsCommunication skillsCleaning upCaring for self.
  • Social Skills Training

    At ABA Center International (ACI) we want to ensure that your (adult) child participates as much as possible independently in society. This means that we also teach social skills that allow your (adult) child to learn what behavior should be applied to which situation and to experience joy during social skills. The following skills we teach to children and adults, during our Social Skills Trainings: Taking turns talking Listening to one another Answering and asking questions Making eye contact Turn takingMaking jokes and/or understanding jokesWorking together Participa…
  • ABA Session – Example

    What does an ABA session look like with a learner, both at home and at school? Below is an overview:  Planning:  After completion of the assessment (FBA), a schedule is created based on the times/days that the learner and the Behavior Technician are available The family/school/organisation will be informed of the schedule and the first ABA session will be scheduled.  First session:  The Behavior Analyst discusses the goals and method together with the parents/caregivers/teacher and questions can be asked The Behavior Analyst explains – if applicable – h…

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